EagleBank Culture

Working as one on the path to continued success

Diversity & Inclusion at EagleBank

The core principles of diversity and inclusion stem from our inherent desire to care for all individuals in our communities, and we recognize that feeling included is fundamentally essential to thrive both professionally and personally. We believe that an environment that values diversity and inclusion, and encourages innovation in pursuit of mission, leads to better employee engagement, fosters diverse ideas and approaches, and includes and empowers each of us to perform at our best. We are committed to fostering an environment that values diversity and ensures equal access to opportunities for growth and advancement. An environment where each person is valued for their skills and perspectives and is encouraged to communicate openly.

Mission Statement for the D&I Council

The EagleBank Diversity & Inclusion Council’s mission is to foster innovative actions that create an inclusive and equitable work environment that values the contributions of all employees. Those contributions also extend to the diverse communities the Bank serves, as we connect to outside opportunities to have meaningful impact. The goal of the Council is to help support a workforce that reflects and embraces the age, gender identity, veteran status, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical ability, and any other protected category, as well as the religious, political affiliations, and cultural views of the Bank’s community.

Our Commitment

We take our values to heart, using them to guide our clients and one another. Our culture is central to who we are and the way we work together, every day.

Our Mission

We have a mission to be the most respected and profitable community bank. To do this, we put Relationships F•I•R•S•T to the delight of our customers, employees, and shareholders. We relentlessly deliver the most compelling service and value.

Our Values

We continue to build EagleBank by putting Relationships F•I•R•S•T.

  • Flexible

    We begin our relationships based on our time-tested tradition of listening to our customer, collaborating with colleagues and designing a comprehensive, creative solution that brings value to and appreciation from our customer. We enhance the relationship with empowered, ‘Yes, We Can’ service and live up to our strong belief that formulas don’t make good banking sense—relationships do. Be entrepreneurial, it is our differentiator.

  • Involved

    We build our relationships by developing rapport based on partnership, mutual respect, and a desire to delight. We are unwavering in our commitment to the goals and growth of our customers, colleagues, and community through volunteerism. We believe that doing the little extras and staying involved with our customer demonstrates our difference.

  • Responsive

    We shape our relationships by taking ownership for being ever responsive, from beginning to end, day in and day out. We understand that reliable, accurate and time sensitive communication is fundamental to preserving reputation and relationships, internally and externally.

  • Strong

    We strengthen our relationships each time we are called upon for our expertise and know how. We are committed to enhancing our professional knowledge in order to remain credible, current and strong partners with our customers, colleagues and community. Our history of sustaining a well capitalized and profitable position emphasizes our strength and reinforces our relationships.

  • Trusted

    We uphold our relationships with honesty, openness and reliability. We can be counted on to ‘do the right thing’. We understand that underlying a sound long-lasting relationship is the essential element of trust. Trust can be lost in a moment, so we are vigilant in our actions and words.

Employee Events

We truly believe that employees need to have fun, get involved, and enjoy working here. Events play a big part in bringing new employees into the EagleBank family—from a formal holiday party to a fun run for charity, EagleBank employees love getting together. Events keep us engaged, entertained, and exercised, while encouraging new friendships. Sharing common hobbies, learning new skills, participating in health fairs, or enjoying fitness and social activities is a beneficial part of an EagleBank career.

Getting to Know Each Other

From a unique orientation program to our energetic Human Resources and Training experts, we will help you ease into the EagleBank culture and excitement. There is another great event to set you out on the right foot, the New Employee Breakfast, which is held in your honor at our Corporate Headquarters so that you can meet and talk with EagleBank’s executive staff and others who want to get to know you and help you feel at home. You will also find our news and information packed intranet, EagleNet. You can tune in whenever you want and learn or find anything you need to know about your new home at EagleBank right on your office PC.